We build the digital future of big companies through Blockchain technology
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This is how we make it possible


Blockchain observatory

Banking? Insurances? Logistics? It doesn't matter, Blockchain is about removing intermediaries.

We help you understand the paradigm shift to make the right choice.


Use case and startups

We design and develop your Blockchain use case. We help you to understand and capture the power of this technology for your business.

Clluc is part of the Barrabes ecosystem, we can evolve the use case in a startup.


Clluc Blockchain platform

We know building Blockchain apps is complex. This is why we have designed an OpenSource "Blockchain as a Service" distribution.

Clluc distribution is to Blockchain what Redhat is to Linux.


What you can do with Blockchain?

smart contracts

Blockchain joins logic and money, and the result is a new way to perform business between individuals without a middleman.

distributed ledgers

Your assets are now digital. A Distributed Ledger is a private database based on Blockchain technology to manage your assets and perform smart contracts with them.

data analytics

Did you know? You can explore Blockchain database. It contains information on each asset, individual or company, allowing you to track information and design new products. The hidden potential of the Blockchain is the data.

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The pioneers on the Spanish Blockchain scene

Carlos Barrabés

Luis Martín

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